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If you are thinking about selling your RV we are here to help. As part of the National Vehicle family of companies we have been helping people sell their RVs for 20 years. We have learned a lot about selling privately owned vehicles, and we're dedicated to helping our clients sell their RVs.


You need exposure to sell an RV as fast as possible and for the best price possible. We list your RV on the most comprehensive network of websites available today.

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3 Essentials to selling rvs

1. A Great Listing

You need a clear compelling description, great pictures, and the right price. At Classy RV we guide you through the process every step of the way. We get pricing information from companies like JD Power and NADA and use them in conjunction with current listings and recent sale prices. We help you get the right pictures to showcase your vehicle. And we use the sub-model or trim type to get accurate descriptions of your RV, so it is complete and accurate.

2. Exposure

You need to get your vehicle in front of as many people as possible. But not just that, in order to get the best price you need to get it in front of a lot of people quickly. That is because you want competition for your vehicle so you have leverage to get the best price. To give our customers the best shot at selling their RV, and getting the most money, we list vehicles on the biggest and busiest RV websites in the world. Sites that have the most buyers, and get the most action. Sites like RVUSA, RV Trader, Classy RV (our site), National Vehicle (our parent company), and ebay.

3. Connection

Connections are where the rubber meets the road. Your description, pictures, and price need to be right, but no vehicle will sell unless there is a connection between you and buyers. At Classy RV we have a buyer support staff that turns interest into conversations. Quick responses, (days, nights and weekends) help you weed out the low ball offers and scams and connect with real buyers.