2000 Forest River Cardinal 36LX 37' Fifth Wheel

2000 Forest River Cardinal 36LX 37' Fifth Wheel. 3 Slide Outs. Awning. Sleeps 5. AC Unit and Leveling Jacks.

Wonderful 36LX 2000 Cardinal RV SUPER SALE!!!

Looking for a great RV!? Then look no further! Selling a 37ft 2000 Cardinal 36LX 5th Wheel with 3 slides. 2nd owner not counting the dealership I purchased it at!

Purchased this RV several years ago from Brett’s RV on sale for 23k and remodeled and upgraded it in the thousands of dollars and selling for just 19.5K!! Great Deal! It’s in much better condition now than when I purchased it for 23k, both structurally and cosmetically. Plus now it has tons of extras, had lots of work done to it, and is furnished.

• Got rid of the ugly 80’s floral patterns and just recently painted the entire interior of the house and it looks wonderful! Used the best quality paint sold in the store!
• Replaced the water pump for a top of the line water pump and still have the old one which is in good working order for backup.
• Replaced the ugly ceiling fan with a nice new fan with 3 swivel lights and 3 speeds.
• Brand new microwave.
• Got rid of the ugly lights and replaced them with both better working lights and better looking lights. New living room light, new study room light, new vanity bathroom light, and new matching bedroom reading lights.
• Got rid of the old ugly thermostat and got a digital one professionally installed as well as had the motherboards and computer ships replaced in the heater and air conditioning units and had them rewired and serviced.
• Roof just recently recoated with Henry’s Tropi-Cool Silicone Roof Coating and has a lifetime warranty. This roof will last forever!
• Got rid of the ugly useless shower head and replaced it with a special top of the line extra strong spray shower head!
• Got rid of the ugly kitchen sink and replaced it with a new nice double stainless steel house sink with a spray hose.
• Replaced the Shower faucet.
• Great Quality Dehumidifier so do not have to worry about moisture in the RV and water damage occurring from moisture.
• Has new water regulator so can control and adjust the water pressure as desired.
• Has newer heated hose water line so do not have to ever worry about the water hose freezing during winter no matter what temperature it is!
• Changed ugly flower cloth door frame and trim around the bed to nice black cloth.
• Put Nice sticky tile in the kitchen and bathroom.
• Put nice décor on the shower door.
• Newly installed brand new house ceiling speakers connected to the living room stereo and convenient switch to turn them on and off.

Fully loaded and ready for anything! Has all the needed supplies you might need in the storage area departments/undercarriage!! Plus lots of room here to store stuff!!

• Got 2 extra high quality heaters in the underbelly storage area for when it is extremely cold or you want to use electricity instead of propane (It can get annoying replacing the propane frequently.)
• Has a nice new ladder in the underbelly so you can access the trailer wherever if needed.
• Has 2 30 pound propane tanks, battery of course, hose, etc.
• Nice $250 Air conditioning unit that fits in the window (the built-in air conditioning unit works fine but when it gets over 100 degrees this one comes in handy.)
• Has a $500 power surge protector with power cord plug-in, so do not have to worry about power surges hurting anything or can sell for a few hundred if do not need it.
• Serviced the refrigerator and changed the thermistor.
• New Access Ports and water regulator.
• Tons more!

Comes Furnished and Loaded with Goodies!!

• Newer Comfortable Queen Mattress, Sofa, Desk, TV Stand, Wood dining table with 2 padded chairs, 2 shelves, Small Flat screen TV in the bedroom with expensive DVD player, even trash cans!
• $800 Flat Screen TV in the living room.
• $150 Computer Chair
• $350 Ashley Coffee Table

If you are planning on living in it then perfect because I professionally skirted it, it is in a nice peaceful lot, and it comes with a nice shed. If not no worries, the siding is not installed into the RV, so just simply unscrew the screws and drive off. If you can take or sell the shed great, if not just leave it.

Great DEAL!! Waaaaay better deal than will get anywhere else, especially from the other RV dealers!! Has 3 Slides and Tons of room!!! Queen bed, real shower, digital temperature display, large awning, and more!

I currently live in the house but I will be able to get moved out the same day within several hours once you choose to purchase the RV, but I may need a day or two to move the items in the shed.

The house is in both me and my mom’s name but she already signed the title and blank pieces of paper if needed for a bill of sale and you can talk to her if you want so no worries there.

There is a lien on the house, but it won’t be a big problem and it is semi-common to sell a RV with a lien on it, so no worries. (Sorry I tried to pay it off with a credit card but the bank refuses to accept credit cards as payment.) All we have to do it meet at the bank on North Reserve where the loan is from. I bring the title and you bring 3 grand cash and rest of the payment in either a cashiers check or cash. I will have the bank state the lien amount left on it and assure you that the lien will be removed once paid and the house is clear for complete transfer. Then you purchase the RV and I pay the lien right in front of you and sign you the title and good to go! This way you know everything is legit and is good.

You will be happy with this RV, it is a 2000 yes, but it will last a long time with no significant issues and is very comfortable and nice. My neighbor just purchased her RV for 19k and even though it is newer she wishes she had mine and can barely move around hers. Mine is 4 times larger inside and much more comfortable and homey. She cannot even walk around her bed!

You will be very happy with this RV!! Purchased it on sale for 23k! Spent thousands on repair and enhancement work! Thousands on house items and supplies! Selling for 19.5k! Good deal! Get it before someone else does, you will be happy you did!! Look forward to hearing from you!

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